The Friend

ry=40002NODOKBI’m all about my friends….  Aside from my family, they are my most precious collection of treasures, gathered up over my travels and carefully scattered all around me where I can see them and hold them and laugh and love them. Some get tucked away, out of sight for a while…but when I re-discover them, it’s like Christmas morning.  Others I’ve misplaced.

As I think about each one, I think in flashes about some of the many reasons I love each one.  There may be special reasons I love one, and reasons that apply to many.  But I love thinking about them in these ways.

ry=400731EIE9ILike the friend who is game for anything spontaneous that will be fodder for great stories on Monday at work.

The friend who always greets me with a mischievous smile because she has something hilarious to tell me, or she assumes I will have something hilarious to tell her.

The friend who asks me “How are you?” in a way that tells me she really does want to know how I am.

The friend who greets me so casually, even after not seeing me for many months, that it warms my heart because we both know time and distance apart makes no real difference to us.

ry=400G6UY5W9A (2)The friend who laughs so hard at all of my humor that I actually begin to believe I am hilarious.

The friend who remembers every single detail of every single thing we ever did together and I am flattered and grateful and amazed and mesmerized to hear it all again.

ry=400OJZJO6RDThe friend who listens so hard and so skillfully that I can actually hear myself in ways I never heard myself before.

The friend who makes me want to have a cold beer and not leave this very spot for hours.

The friend whose perspective is so unique that she makes me rethink everything.

The friend who sees no obstacles for herself or anyone else…no problem she can’t solve.

ry=4004XVA0AD1The friend who makes me want to do the things I talk about doing just so she’ll feel proud of me.

The friend who wants to be lazy with me and do nothing at all and the other friend who can create a plan for a perfect day of productive, interesting fun.

The friend who will take over my kitchen and cook without making me feel guilty for not pitching in.

The friend who goes with me to boring events and makes them FUN.

The friend who reminds me I’m smart and useful when I feel the opposite.

The friend who hates people who were mean to me….forever.

ry=400IFBZ801LThe friend who appreciated John’s greatest qualities even before I did.

The friend who is strong enough to admit she is afraid.

The friend who reminds me to pray.

The friend who makes me want to laugh loud and drink vodka.

The friend who makes me forget I’m the mom sometimes (just for a minute).

The friend who makes me forget she’s the mom sometimes.

Wait. I have a favorite: The friend who sees the thing I see, and when our eyes meet we know exactly what the other one is thinking…without a word.  There is something amazing about a moment like that.  Simple, absolute connection.  I love that the most.ry=400K2C4WPIQ


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