My “Happy Place”

Some say you can find relief from your stress by closing your eyes and going to your “Happy Place”.  A warm location, a reclining position, the perfect food and drink within reach….

I keep a collection of “favorite things“.  Just for kicks.  They are my Happy Place.  And they’re portable.   They’re everywhere.  Yet they rank high above other things in the world to me.  Many of them make me feel like God Himself is hereRight…now. 

In any case, I’ll enjoy writing mine down.  I’ll go for 50…

  1. ry=400 (46)John.  Everything about him.  But especially his wonderful face.
  2. My kids.  Each one. Inside and out.
  3. The sound of church bells. Deep.  Loud.  Random.
  4. The sight and the sound of two or more people laughing.  Hard.
  5. Two old people being kind and gentle with one another. Or a young person being gentle with an old person.  ry=400A0PWIVMROr a very young person comforting another very young person.  Pretty much people taking care of each other.
  6. That moment when the sky is full of huge gray clouds but there is enough light coming from somewhere to make the grass bright green.
  7. Your nursing baby looking up and you and suddenly smiling.
  8. A tiny baby patting you on the back for the first time.
  9. The song of mourning doves.ry=400YK4XEO96
  10. The fwap fwap fwap of a labrador’s tail wagging on the ground.
  11. The smell of fresh lemons.
  12. High school football.   Especially when my kid is out there.
  13. Making someone laugh.
  14. Soft, warm bread and soft, sweet butter.ry=400LI9D4WUM
  15. My mom’s voice.  And her smile.  And her hugs.
  16. Having my back scratched or my scalp massaged.  Foot massages rock, too.
  17. A clean bill of health.
  18. A thoughtful message in any card.
  19. The quick smile that appears on my kid’s face when he or she finds me in a crowd.ry=40048M2IPEP
  20. The sound of the dishwasher running in a clean kitchen after a big party.
  21. Hearing my kids share memories of their childhood.
  22. Mass.
  23. A sincere hug.
  24. A cool breeze on a hot day.
  25. A warm fire on a cold night.
  26. Snuggling my small child wrapped head to toe in a big warm towel right after their bath.
  27. Rain.  Especially from inside a parked car or an old barn.ry=400AZFOYHZN
  28. Airport reunions. Anyone’s.
  29. Fresh flowers. Any kind.
  30. A big, old tree with a huge trunk and gnarly branches.
  31. Baby animals, of course.  Any baby animal.
  32. Movies on the big screen with popcorn, soda, and Junior Mints.
  33. A bargain.
  34. Boxes of family pictures.
  35. The smell of a horse when you bury your face in his neck.
  36. Rocking chairs and porches. And hammocks.ry=400KYSD23VR
  37. Active bird feeders.
  38. Roadside fruit and vegetable stands.
  39. Sisters.
  40. Clean teeth.
  41. Singing a song with harmony and getting it right.
  42. Post-it Notes.
  43. Colored glass things.
  44. A great big yawn.  Or a satisfying sneeze.
  45. Someone playing the guitar, a piano, a violin or a French horn….and some people playing the drums.  (I’m picky about drums.)
  46. Cocktails with girlfriends.ry=400 (43)
  47. My house in the morning when everyone is still sleeping.
  48. Watching my kids achieve something.
  49. Watching my kids sleep.
  50. The moment John and I burst out laughing at the same thing, and reflexively we look at one another.  I feel a wave of love.  Every time.

I limited myself to 50.  There are many more.  Maybe you share some of these, and maybe they’ll prompt you to notice some of your own.

I’m going to kick myself every time I think of another one I should have listed.

What a great problem to have, eh?

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