You Bet

When I know I’m right, I’m right.

I’ll even put money on it.  Or something better than money, even.

About 18 years ago, John and I had two kids.  Girls, ages one and three.  John allowed me to choose names for both girls.  I thought he was being gracious… or perhaps confident in my ability to choose good names….or maybe he just didn’t really care about that sort of thing…

Wrong.   He was saving up.  There was a name he cared about.  Our first son’s name.

See, John comes from a long line of Italians who named their firstborn son either Louis or John.  For generations.  So it was time for a Louis.  You know: Luigi.  Big Lou.

To a WASP like me, this a little much to swallow.  Not only was John’s dad – Big Lou (of course) – a power larger-than-life in the family already and a tough act to follow, but it was a rather ethnic name from my perspective.  Right up there with Guido or Vito or Giuseppe.  You almost have to say, “Hey!” before you say the name.  It just flows naturally.  “HEY!  GUIdo!”  No, the men in my family had names like James and Robert and Donald and Elwin.  Pale skin and kilts.  There was a colliding of worlds going on here.

Then again, I had already named two kids.  And this was a family tradition.   And he is Italian.  But no.  I just can’t…let it…happen.

“Maybe Nick.” I offered.  Yeah. That sounded pretty Italian.  I tried it on for size.  “Nicholas Marsella.  That’s nice.  And a ‘Nick Marsella’ could get a table in any Italian restaurant in town. It sounds extremely Italian, don’t you think, Honey?”

“Well first of all, it’d have to be ‘Dominic’, in which case we’d call him ‘Dom’…”

Oh no.  That’s too close to Vito.

Clearly I was in danger of losing this one.

Until one night I got a lucky break.

We were at dinner with a bunch of friends, having a lively debate about closet smokers.  You know, the people who smoke, but only in secret?  And I told the group I’d heard a great quote in a movie about this.

“It was Robin Williams, and the movie was ‘The Fisher King’.  His line was, ‘There are two kinds of people in this world: people who smoke, and people who don’t.  You just have to decide which one you are, and be that.'”

My beloved replied, “Yeah, I remember that.  You got the quote right, but not the movie.  It wasn’t ‘Fisher King’.”

“Yes it was.”  I replied emphatically.  “He played a grocer or something.  He was sitting in the walk-in fridge on a milk crate talking to another guy when he said it.”  I was right.   I could see Robin Williams in my head as clear as day.  A washed up psychiatrist giving free advice. It was a great scene.

“Nope.” he said.

“Oh yeah?” I saw an opportunity. “Wanna bet?”

“Sure.  What d’ya wanna bet?” John grinned.

“Hmm.  Not money.  Something better.  Let’s see….”   I tapped my chin a few times for effect.

See, my husband would never welsh on a bet.  (Nothing against the Welch.)  He’s as honest as the day is long, and I knew this might be my only chance to get out of this Italian thing. Plus, we’ve got witnesses.

“OK, fine. If I’m right, I get to name our first son.  And if you’re right, you can name the little guy whatever you want.  Including Louie or Guido or whatever.”

Now, it’s worth noting that I was not pregnant.  No son on the horizon.  (Pun intended.)  Heck.  We could end up with ten daughters . But I wasn’t taking a chance.  It was a good bet.

“You’re on.” he said triumphantly.


And we shook on it. A great big, giant, howdy doody shake.  Both of us certain of victory.

And then I saw it.  The sheepish grin and the twinkling eyes that first made me think, My, he’s sure of himself….

And he began. “You were right. It was Robin Williams, but that wasn’t ‘Fisher King’.”  He threw his head back and laughed a maniacal laugh.

Oh no.

I hesitated.

My confidence felt a tremor.

“OK, then, smarty pants.  What movie was it then?”

“It was ‘Dead Again’. Kenneth Branagh and his wife were in it……..”

He’ was right.   I was stunned.  I entered into a fog as my memory filled in the rest of the scene with Robin Williams and Kenneth Branagh in the walk-in fridge….

Then I was jolted back into reality with a raucous round of “LOUIE-LOUIE! OHHHOHHOHH…” a song I would hear regularly for the rest of my life.

When I know I’m right, I’m right.

Except when I’m mistaken.

A year later, we welcomed Louis John Marsella into the world.

And he is such a Louie.  The name is perfect for him.IMG_4186

Louis, John, and Louis


Little Lou with Big Lou
Little Lou with Big Lou




6 thoughts on “You Bet

    1. Thank you so much for this high praise! Wow! I just read it to my daughter and we are both so excited. I feel as though I am finally joining the Blog World, and you are the Welcome Wagon. Thank you for taking time to comment….your encouragement is much appreciated. I’m floating…..


  1. I’ve been searching for blog posts with Robin Williams tagged since August 12, because, well… never mind because, but I am so delighted to have stumbled upon your blog! Love this story. Captivating writing. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You have no idea. Nothing makes my day more than a compliment on my writing from someone I’ve never met. My friends and family have been so kind and supportive about my two months of blogging and I do appreciate it….but also half expect them to. Right? So thank you. And thank you, Dear Robin, for bringing you to my blog.

      Liked by 1 person

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