Obliga-Blog. (A-Z Challenge Day 15)

Obligations can be cumbersome.  
The very word implies reluctance on the part of the obliged, don’t you think?
So I must have a spark in me to be a writer, because this obligation to write a post every day has been refreshing and inspiring.  Words not normally associated with an obligation.
I am on vacation. We are cruising down the beautiful Danube River from Passau to Budapest. I am with a jovial group of 12 from my husband’s side of my family.  It’s been a kick and I am loving it.
But one of the running jokes in the group is the constant question of, “Are you on-line?”   Meaning: have you been able to get a WiFi connection.
It’s spotty, at best.  We’ve been assured we’ll have connectivity in major cities.  Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava…wait.  That’s it.  When you’re on a charming cruise, you get charming ports.   Not all charming ports have good WiFi reception.
That’s OK.  We’re on vacation.  We do have cell phone service, and the kids can reach us that way.
But then there’s the obligatory blog.  The obliga-blog.  I have a posting obligation each day, and it has become a real frustration for me to miss a deadline.   
I planned ahead.  I was running a day ahead for almost a week, posting as late as I could, knowing there is an eight-hour time difference to home, but still ahead of the game.
Now I’m behind.  Two days of, “Are you on-line?”…..   My “N” has been sitting there so long that I don’t know what day it is anymore.
When I posted my “L” and my “M”, I felt such a sense of jubilance you’d have thought I’d won the lottery. Nah…overstatement.  Maybe laid an egg.  Very satisfying.  And I made noises similar to a chicken who has just achieved that, too.
So now I am maintaining my obliga-blog even though I may have been kicked off of the A-Z Challenge for my tardiness.   Not because I have to keep it up, but because I have grown to love this pattern and I appreciate what it is doing for me as a wannabe writer.
Discipline.  Practice.  Inspiration.
Thank you, A-Z.
Thank you, Obliga-blog.

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