Their Dad

My husband is the best dad I ever knew.

He’s not my dad, but he’s the most important dad I’ve known in this life, aside from the Father Himself.

He’s the guy raising our kids. He’s shaped who they’re becoming like no other man in the world could. My own dad had that same influence on me. Not more influential than my mom, but he was certainly the number one man of my childhood. Parents are powerful that way, for better or worse. I got lucky with my own. And my husband got lucky, too. Great parents.

But when it comes to priorities, our kids are number one. So John is the most important dad to me.

He’s the guy our kids think of when they have a big decision to make, and they ask themselves, “What would Dad do?” They know he would do the right thing. It may not be the easy thing. It may not be the most personally beneficial thing. It may not be the cheapest thing. But it will be the best thing. The right thing.

He’s also the guy who they think of when they say, “What’s Dad going to think of what I just did?” He’ll say something decisive. And fair. And he’ll probably inject it with humor. If the kid screwed up, he’ll wait a while to add the humor. If the kid is hurting, the humor comes first.

He’s the guy they think of when they think of a hero. Not because he’s the strongest or the fastest or because he can leap tall buildings in a single bound. It’s because they can trust him. It’s because he will never….ever…let them down. It’s because he’s generous and kind. Consistent and wise. He’s courageous and calm. And because he has sincere faith in them. Each one.

He’s the guy they think of when they say, “I wish Dad was here.” They may be scared. They may be in tears. They may be at the end of their rope. But the very thought of their Dad will comfort them. And the image of him and the sound of his voice will make them smile. And they will always know that if he knew they needed him, he would be there. In a flash.

And he does all of this without being perfect. Maybe that’s the best part. He is himself. He does it with a quirky twist and a unique brand of silly. He’s a living example of being who you are. And so each of our kids knows they can be that. Themselves.

I got lucky. God blessed me. He blessed our kids. Because honestly I didn’t know John would be all of this when I married him. I ask God to bring someone into my kids’ lives who will be to their children what John is to ours.

The ultimate dad.


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