“How did you end up on a farm?”

By day, I’m an executive. By night, I am a wife of one, mother of four, daughter of Amazing, sister of six, goatherd of four, chicken tender (not the fried kind)…and the list goes on.  I’m essentially a Town Kid. Grew up in town. Lived in town as a young adult. Married in town. Raised kids in town. But my husband and I loved the idea of a farm. Horses in the “yard” and food growing in the garden.

Since we were first married – now 24 years ago – we’ve made a hobby of cruising around looking for our next home.  Bigger house….closer to work…near a golf course…  And as our kids began to leave for college, we began to look for “property”. A place where my husband could fish. And I could have a horse. For years we’ve cruised.

And one day, we found The Farm. And a couple of years later, we began our own “Green Acres” odyssey….



4 thoughts on ““How did you end up on a farm?”

  1. My parents did this, except they did it early and I had the fun childhood of growing up feeding chickens and weeding the garden. Some of us took to it, others didn’t, but my dad (although raised in the city) definitely loves growing things. Congrats on making the move. 🙂


  2. Bob and I both love the dozen day blog–it made us laugh and although I have seen Chicken Run witth you of course..I have only seen it once so needed your description of the black boots and the ax to resurface the memory. Keep blogging, the Hensley’s of HK are thoroughly enjoying your submissions. You go chicken lady!!!


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